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Our company was established in 2013.Our company  deals with the brands of Tianbao; Tianbei; AOOSTAR; SkyBarium.

Our team mainly operates two brands overseas: AOOSTAR/SkyBarium,

AOOSTAR specializes in the full range of AMD/Intel chip-based products and GPU chip-based product technology development, research and development and production. AOOSTAR provides a full range of production services from SMT → DIP → test → assembly, and has a skilled R & D team, has been independently completed a number of computers and graphics card solutions: including, but not limited to AMD Razorback series of notebooks, AMD Razorback series of mini mainframe, AMD all-in-one, Intel all-in-one,AMD graphics cards, handhelds, pen drives,AMD/Intel Laptops and other products. We have cooperated with many famous brands in China. If you have customized motherboard solutions and project needs, please feel free to contact AOOSTAR111@163.com.

AOOSTAR has more than ten years of experience in processing and sales of laptops, mini-hosts, customized tablets and other products, and has a well-established sales team. Previously, we mainly focus on domestic e-commerce sales and provide product sales for overseas e-commerce platform agents, and also have ODM, OEM and other B-channel sales.

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We do not provide after-sales support for products purchased through non-AOOSTAR official channels. Please go to the original purchasing platform and website for online help or after-sales support.


Contact US

  • Telephone number:+86 15013651717
  • Service hours:Monday to Friday 9:00- 18:00 GMT+8
  • Bulk order inquiry & wholesale: Kryber56@gmail.com (Joyce)
  • Product Review cooperation email:  Kryber56@gmail.com (Joyce)
  • Agents/dealers/distributors/wholesalers/ODM/OEM business, please contact overseas channel manager Joyce at Kryber56@gmail.com to let us know your scope of sales and how you would like to establish and run a partnership.
  • PC after-sales support: tianbei2023@126.com
  • Website after-sales serviceAOOSTAR001@outlook.com


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