We firmly declare that we have never authorized any third-party sellers to distribute AOOSTAR brand product motherboards.

We firmly declare that we have never authorized any third-party sellers to distribute AOOSTAR brand product motherboards.

Hey, guys.😘

It has recently come to our attention that a company on a crowdfunding site is claiming that the AOOSTAR/T-BAO brand (as well as the parent company of the AOOSTARP brand) has provided them with the motherboard for the R1 and has authorized them with the right to sell it. We are seriously concerned about this and are sending out an alert to all our customers.
We solemnly declare that we have never authorized any third party to sell the product motherboards of AOOSTAR/T-BAO brand related products, if you buy the product motherboards pretending to be our brand in the market, it must be a shoddy product and the quality cannot be guaranteed. If you insist on purchasing a machine claiming to have an AOOSTAR/T-BAO brand motherboard, the AOOSTAR/T-BAO brand will not be responsible for this matter.👊
I would like to explain the relationship between AOOSTAR and the T-BAO brand:

The T-BAO brand has always been our brand in China, and for various reasons, we sold the rights to operate the T-BAO brand outside of China to another company. Strictly speaking, the sale of T-BAO outside of China no longer has anything to do with the AOOSTRA brand, as we are affiliated with two different companies.

The company on the crowdfunding site claiming that they purchased the T-BAO brand's motherboards is complete nonsense; the T-BAO brand has always been a brand operated by our company, so how could we have been unaware of this situation?
  • 👉Purchase genuine products: Be sure to purchase our products from our official website or authorized sales channels
  • 👉Pay attention to the price and channel: If you see too low a price or a suspicious sales method in other non-authorized channels, it's probably a trap for impostor products.
We strongly condemn the behavior of the wrongdoers, and will take all necessary legal means to protect our brand reputation and customer rights and interests. At the same time, we also call on our customers to work together to maintain market order and fight against counterfeit and shoddy products.
Finally, we sincerely thank you for your continuous trust and support to our brand. We will continue to provide high quality and genuine products to bring you the ultimate experience in work and play.
If you have any questions or complaints, please feel free to contact us.😘😘😘

Sincerely, AOOSTAR Team