Drivers & Systems

System Installation Tutorial:

  • Prepare a U disk larger than 8GB, formatted as FAT32 format.
  • Name it WINPE, copy the downloaded file to the root directory of the USB flash drive, and the USB flash drive will boot to F7.
Note: After downloading the file, please unzip it before proceeding. Make sure you back up your important information before reinstalling your system!


 "GOD" Series:

  1. GOD78-Drives & Systems
  2. GOD88-Drives & Systems
  3. GOD57-Drives

"GEM10"  Series:

  1. GEM10 7840HS-Drives & Systems
  2. GEM10 7940HS-Drives & Systems

"GEM12"  Series:

  1. GEM12 6900HX-Drives & Systems
  2. GEM12 7840HS-Drives & Systems
  3. GEM12 8845HS-Systems

"R"  Series:

  1. R1-Drives & Systems
  2. R7- Drives & Systems

"MN"  Series:

  1. MX5X-Systems
  2. MN57- Drives & Systems
  3. MN58-Systems
  4. MN68-Drives & Systems

Other Series:

  1. T-BOX N100-Drives & Systems
  2. N-BOX PRO-Drives & Systems
  3. 3750H-Drives & Systems


BIOS update(Refreshing BIOS is risky, please don't do it randomly and don't turn off the power when refreshing)