Product Product Reviews Details

Product Product Reviews Details

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your continued support and attention to the AOOSTAR brand. We would also like to apologize to our customers who have been following and supporting our brand. I know that many of you have been looking for reviews and videos about our brand products, only to find very few. We have always focused on product quality and technological innovation, investing the majority of our resources into research and development, therefore not allocating much to marketing.

Nevertheless, there are still many video bloggers willing to test our products from a fair and impartial perspective, and for this, our team is deeply grateful.

Below, I will list some of the product review articles/videos (including Chinese and international bloggers):

NAS Series:

1)Craft Computing(Youtube)-The $399 Ryzen-Powered Dual 2.5Gb NAS - AOOSTAR NAS + ROUTER Review

2)Hardware Haven(Youtube)-Meet Your Next Home Server - Aoostar R1

3)NASCompares(Youtube)-Aoostar R1 NAS Review - Something Different... In a GOOD Way!

4)Robtech(Youtube)-This Mini PC does EVERYTHING? AOOSTAR R1 Review

5)gizmochina(Youtube)-AOOSTAR Mini PC Review: Mini PC + NAS + Soft Router 3-in-1


7)NASCompares(Youtube)-The Most Powerful 2-Bay NAS in the world - for $400? WHAT? HOW?

8)IAN W MORRISON (LINUXIUM)【】-AOOSTAR R7 Review: An affordable 2-bay DIY NAS with Ryzen 7 5700U and PCIe NVMe support


GEM10 Series:

1)NASCompares(Youtube)- AOOSTAR GEM10 Flash NAS Review

2)ETA PRIME(Youtube)-The All-New AOOSTAR GEM10 Is An Ultra Fast Mini PC With OcuLink! Hands On Review

3)戸田覚:ガジェット【辛口】点数評価(Youtube)-【すごいよね】なんと、SSDを3基内蔵、OCuLinkまで搭載するミニPCが登場。「AOOSTAR GEM10」をレビューします

4)jack stone(Youtube)-780M核显爆炸!天钡 Aoostar GEM10 7840HS迷你电脑评测!手动设置45W和54W性能释放!注意:海外版GEM10的内存不支持超频到7500Mhz!


GEM12 Series:

1)ETA PRIME(Youtube)-The All-New GEM12 Is A Crazy Fast Mini PC With OCuLink! 8845HS Hands On

2)jack stone(Youtube)-完美接口和散热!天钡 GEM12 7840HS迷你电脑评测!跻身性能一流!满贯接口!顶级散热和静音的超级旗舰行列!

3)在下莫老师(Youtube)-风扇弟弟,我要把CPU干到75W了噢?天钡GEM12 6900HX上手体验


GOD Series:

1)戸田覚:ガジェット【辛口】点数評価(Youtube)-【ギラギラ光る】高性能でコスパの高いミニPC「AOOSTAR GOD78」をレビュー。光は変更も可能です

2)Robtech(Youtube)-This Mini PC Changes Everything - AOOSTAR GOD57 Review


4)科技数码秀(Youtube)- 迷你电脑里谁有它的风扇大?AMD 7840HS 天钡赛博GOD78迷你主机测评

 5)Sebastian Bade[]-Aoostar GOD77 review - Mini-PC with lighting effects and AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS in an eye-catching cyberpunk case

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