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AOOSTAR GEM10 AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS with 3*nvme OCULINK

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  • CPU:AMD Ryzen 7 AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS
  • RAM:  LPDDR5 6400
  • SSD: 3*NVME
  • OCULINK port does not occupy nvme channel
  • OS: W11 PRO is pre-installed, and it can support the installation of other systems. you need to install the system yourself!
  • 2 x 2.5 GbE Ethernet ports
  • 2 x HDMI 2.1
  • 1 x USB4
  • 2 x USB 3.2 GEN 2
  • 2 x USB2.0
  • WIFI6+BT5.2
  • Mystery feature to be disclosed
  • Metal case

For more details, please wait for us to conduct the test, we will upload the detail pictures on the official website.

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